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About Us


Approaching our 20th anniversary in business, Rotor Source provides high quality, industrial strength Desiccant Dehumidification and Energy Recovery products to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) who specialize in commercial HVAC systems. 

When you need high-quality HVAC components, as well as prompt and knowledgeable application support, call 225-753-1700 or visit us in Baton Rouge.


We start the manufacturing process in our Baton Rouge, LA location using our proprietary blend of sourced and fabricated parts. Thanks to our 75+ years of combined experience in application, design, engineering, fabrication, and assembly, our highly qualified and experienced team has the HVAC component solutions that you need for your business.

Our company stockpiles an extensive inventory of desiccant dehumidification raw materials and Ostberg energy recovery component parts, to ensure immediate delivery for a variety of component requirements.

Our customers count on us to provide high-level of support, service, and value. In order to ensure that we maintain an inventory of products which consistently perform well, we’re able to enjoy strong vendor and customer relationships, deliver expert application assistance, and provide uniform product quality. Rotor Source is committed to giving customers like you exceptional value through quality, high-performance products delivered on time.

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